01 Feb 2017

Survival Shows are Fake

I like watching TV shows about the wilderness and people testing their survival skills.   Often one of the key and vital challenges is to obtain access to water… clean water. If the participants can’t find clean water, they call for help. If they still don’t get the help they need, they fail to “survive”.  In reality, this just...

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12 Dec 2016

Joy to the World

Christmas is about music and joy. One of my favourite Christmas hymns is “Joy to the World” and when I thought about this song this year, two joy-packed stories popped into my mind. The first story is from 1987, when my wife (Norilynn) and I lived in Jordan.  At that time, Norilynn managed a rehab center in a Palestinian...

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29 Nov 2016

Prayer Bridges Oceans and Cultures

Amazing things happen when you pray with someone. And it really doesn’t matter where you are or even what faith group you belong to. Because prayer bridges miles and a multitude of differences. At our partner hospital, CoRSU in Uganda, we often meet with the caregivers before or after surgery.  In some ways, we’re intrusive… foreigners.  And we’re meeting...

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28 Oct 2016

What keeps you up at night?

October 28, 2016No commentsGeneral

Ed Epp, Executive Director cbm Canada “What keeps you up at night?” That’s what I asked Erwin Telemans, CEO, when I visited his disability hospital (CCBRT) in Tanzania. He said it was the enormous challenge of funding ongoing services for the crowds of children, moms and dads who line up at his hospital each and every day. It’s hard...

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13 Oct 2016

An A-Typical Thanksgiving

Guest Blogger – Brian Hatchell, cbm Canada This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I must admit I don’t typically give a lot of thought to ‘giving thanks’ over this holiday. Consider me odd, or just self-absorbed, honestly, neither would be wrong. My focus over most holidays is always on being in the presence of my family, indulging...

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03 Oct 2016

Not just another day…

Recently, at a family gathering, my cousin — a year younger than I — told me he had undergone cataract surgery. “What a difference this simple surgery made,” he told me. He was having difficulty driving in the evening, reading and working. His poor vision was gradually creeping into most of his life. It reminded me of the upcoming...

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30 Jun 2016

I Want a Hug

A cbm Canada program officer recently returned from Tanzania.  She reported that a recent addition to therapy for non-verbal children was a ‘communications board’.   Along with the care-giver, community worker who knows the child, a communications “need list” is designed.  These include a picture of food, toilet, and other every day needs.  Each board is designed, however, with...

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04 May 2016

Seeing All Children As Children

Last week a child in a school supported by cbm in Malawi was abducted, killed, and body parts used for traditional medicine.  The boy was targeted because he had albinism. A recent article on Reuters refers to the problem of violence towards people with albinism My prayers go out to the family.  I can’t imagine the trauma that they...

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