31 Jul 2014

Jesus calls us to help people with disabilities even in the toughest situations

I’ve been asked why cbm has chosen to be involved in bringing relief to the most vulnerable people of Gaza – young children, the elderly, those with disabilities. It’s because we believe Jesus is calling us to serve those who can’t see, walk, hear, and those at greatest risk of sickness and impairment, in the toughest places. People trapped...

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11 Jul 2014

A Different Kind of Fashion Statement

Who would have thought I’d have an opinion about fashion! Another blogger pointed me to a current show in Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) called “Fashion Follows Form: Designs for Sitting”. I haven’t gone to the show yet, but I did visit the ROM website. It’s interesting, but not surprising, how fashion is normally designed around people who stand...

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09 May 2014

Why did God make Grandmother’s?

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, a friend and ambassador of cbm travelled with us on a trip – back to where she grew up – to Uganda. I wanted to share this blog with you because I feel she’s captured the vital role that grandmother’s play in Uganda, one of the world’s poorest developing countries. Enjoy the read! At the...

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17 Apr 2014

Do the Stones Need to Talk for Us?

In the Middle East stones are representative of protest. Whenever protest happens, it is accompanied by stones – usually being thrown. There are certainly many of them around. After living in the Middle East, seeing stones used in this way, I came to appreciate a new meaning to the story in Luke concerning Palm Sunday: As he was now...

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11 Mar 2014

Opportunity Links Canada with Malawi

At cbm Canada we believe all people have equal value. This means that when given opportunities for education and leadership and employment, people with disabilities have so much to offer their communities. One man, who believed this whole-heartedly, was our friend Paul Hutcheson. A devout Christian and long-time advocate for persons with disabilities, Paul faithfully served on the cbm...

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