Hope and Healing

I Want a Hug

A cbm Canada program officer recently returned from Tanzania.  She reported that a recent addition to therapy for non-verbal children was a ‘communications board’.   Along with the care-giver, community worker who knows the child, a communications “need list” is designed.  These include a picture of food, toilet, and other every day needs.  Each board is designed, however, with a couple of unique pictures that indicates the special needs or wants of that child.

I saw a picture of one of these boards, designed for one child.  On the board, along side maybe 10 pictures from which the child can point to communicate, was one of a mother hugging a child.  That child could, and did, ask for a hug.


Tool used to help non-verbal children communicate

Tool used to help non-verbal children communicate

“I want a hug!”

We have a new way that supporters in Canada can transform a child with a disability or at heightened risk of a disability.   It’s a program that provides the health care needed for that child, and a hug!  A teddy bear is given to the child along with the health care.  I watched as children looked at their teddy bear and then hugged it.  It provided comfort at a very difficult and stressful time in their life.    

Imagine children, with a disability, in a hospital environment, new and worrisome, not knowing the future.  How many of them would point to that picture – “I want a hug!”

You can provide a hug for a child – and healing care.