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Obscene birthday parties….

March 10, 2011General

OK – I don’t get it. I saw an ad for a new TV show (at least new to me) on extravagant birthday parties for children. These themed birthday parties cost thousands of dollars – in one case $35,000!

In my mind there’s only one word for this – obscene!

I wish I could take those parents to homes in Nairobi, Kinshasa, Malawi, India, or Guatemala. I wish these parents could see children with a disability with a broken wheelchair, or crawling on the street, or leading a blind grand-parent. I wish these parents could experience the heat and mosquito bites at night that bring malaria, and wonder if they will have the money to take their kids to the doctor when they get malaria. I wish these parents would know what a huge difference that $35,000 could make in the lives of thousands of children.

There are people that do get it.

We had one young man last year have a 12th birthday party where he asked for no presents for himself, but chickens for a family in Africa. As a party favour he gave away coupons saying that he had purchased vitamin A tablets to prevent blindness in children.

He got it – and he gave it!

Unfortunately these types of parties don’t get the TV coverage.