Hope and Healing

Prayer Bridges Oceans and Cultures

November 29, 2016General

Amazing things happen when you pray with someone. And it really doesn’t matter where you are or even what faith group you belong to.

Because prayer bridges miles and a multitude of differences.

At our partner hospital, CoRSU in Uganda, we often meet with the caregivers before or after surgery.  In some ways, we’re intrusive… foreigners.  And we’re meeting them at a vulnerable time in their lives.  The child is sometimes crying and in pain, the caregiver is often worried.  After we’ve talked with them … just before it’s time for us to leave, I make it a practice to say, “I will be praying for you.”

Something incredible happens at that moment.  Their facial expression softens.  It’s as if the fear clears from their brow.  We all just relax and allow Jesus to translate our feelings.

I remember, about 15 years ago, my mother also experienced the power of prayer across the miles. My father had a heart attack, and she was on her own, making sure he received the necessary emergency care…

At the time I was in Romania, working with a micro-finance organization. Feeling fairly helpless and wanting to do more, I asked the company chaplain, a local orthodox priest, to pray for them. The priest didn’t just pray, he contacted a local monastery, and the brothers there arranged a 48-hour continuous prayer vigil for my parents.

These priests didn’t know my parents. They didn’t share the same faith denomination… and they lived on the other side of the world!

None of that mattered. These prayers reached my mother. She said she felt the prayers and she was at peace.

Prayer is important. It goes beyond cultures, languages and denominations. Prayer is about us coming together to acknowledge a greater being, and asking God for guidance and help. Prayer is a generous act of helping others.

That’s why I’m so humbled by the prayers offered up daily for cbm and the people we serve. And that’s why we produce our annual prayer diary – so people can pray more specifically for our front-line partners.

Order your copy of the Prayer Diary.