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Social media

January 09, 2012General

I came across this blog this morning and thought I would share it with you. This blog does a couple of things for me. 
First – this is another example of how social media allows us to share in each others lives. I have been intrigued for awhile now about how blogging can allow the world to hear more about the lives of those living with a disability. It no longer has to be interpreted through others – in this case a father shares directly with whoever wants to listen, on how it is living with a child who has downs syndrome. 
Second – the example of how Target included a child with a disability in its ad. This may be another indictor that our society in North America is redefining normal. For Target it is now “normal” to include the full spectrum of people in its ads – not just a small slice of what they think consumers want the world to look like. 
This is a good indicator for our society – which still has a long way to go. Unfortunately, when I travel to countries in extreme poverty, there is not many of these indicators.  
My quest for a person in a developing country with a disability blogging in order to share their story continues.