Hope and Healing

Tom Little remembered

December 02, 2010General

Many of you may remember Tom Little. He was the leader of the group in Afghanistan earlier this year that was traveling to remote areas to deliver eye care. Hiking in for several weeks, stopping in villages with the medical team, providing care to people that never received formal medical care – this group was delivering God’s love. Tom and the rest of the group was killed on the way home to Kabul – he had worked in Afghanistan for over 30 years.

The United States Government has announced that Tom will be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously sometime in the new year. This is the highest award given to civilians by the US Government. Past recipients are an impressive lot – they include Nelson Mandela, Rosa Park, and Steven Hawking.

I am sure that Libby, Tom’s wife, would prefer that Tom be with her today instead of winning this award. I am sure that those in the villages who will no longer receive medical care wish Tom was striding through the mountain passes. Maybe, just maybe, this award will inspire some young person today to train and dedicate their life so that in the future more villagers can be helped.

That would be my prayer.