Hope and Healing

Tragedy in Afghanistan

August 08, 2010General

Today I write this with a heavy heart.

The news on the weekend of the killing of the medical team in Afghanistan was devastating. It is a tragedy. There is no other way to state it.  

IAM – International Assistance Mission in Afghanistan – is a partner to cbm Canada. IAM has been a cbm partner for 30 years! Providing eye and other health care to those in the remotest of that country was a priority for IAM and cbm. These medical teams would trek over mountains, through rivers, carrying their medical supplies on donkeys to get to these remote villages. These teams would spend weeks on these medical treks – offering life saving care to people who would otherwise not get it.

Tom Little – the leader of this team – was a dear friend of cbm and gave his life for the people of Afghanistan and his work. Living through wars and occupations, he and his wife took seriously the commandments of Jesus – “follow” , “serve”, and “take up the cross”. There are so many Afghanis today that have sight, who can move, who are productive, and can enjoy their family because of the faithfulness of Tom. Even at this time as we mourn his loss, we need to thank God for his life of faithfulness.  

This killing has so many losers.

Certainly the first are the families. The families of those killed will be mourning today and in the future. My prayers are with them. I pray that they will feel God’s presence and love. I pray that they will feel the assurance that their great loss is not – and will not – be in vain.

I ask you to join me in that prayer for these families.

The other losers in this are Afghanis, living in remote areas and desperately needing medical care. Although it is too early to say, I suspect that the responsible administrative decision to be made may be to cancel these medical treks. The stark reality is that there are children today that will not see because of these killings. There are families that will have a loved one die – there will be people that grow up with so much less hope – because of these killings. These are the people that Tom Little loved and sought to help. I confess that I am still seeking to know the words on how and what to pray for these people.

If you have a moment today – please pray. Pray for the families of those killed. Pray for Afghanis that are also victims of this violence. Pray for those who have to make difficult decisions because of this event. Pray for the future of Afghanistan.

Pray that God will touch so many more Tom Little’s – people to follow the commandments of Jesus to “follow”, “serve”, and “take up the cross”. The world needs them!