In Niger – How do you plan for drought?

March 09, 2012No commentsGeneral

How do you plan for a food crisis? How do you include people with disabilities in that planning? One answer might surprise you… you build a garden and dig a well! In Niger we have this wonderful example of how cbm worked with Oumou Moussa, a woman with a disability, to help her use her land for a well...

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The importance of maternal health.

March 08, 2012No commentsGeneral

Last year I was visiting our community based rehabilitation (CBR) program in Lusaka Zambia. On one day we saw six clients – each a child with their mother, each with cerebral palsy. I watched how these mothers were taught to care for their children. They helped their child through exercises that encouraged mobility. They worked to get them to...

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More on a potential crises

March 02, 2012No commentsGeneral

Jeoffrey York in yesterday’s Globe and Mail has an another warning about the drought in the Sahel region (West Africa). It’s an interesting read on how to heed early warning signals. More startling was the last part of the article on the risk to children in the next 15 years, due to lack of food.

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Can we avert the next emergency?

February 29, 2012No commentsGeneral

My last blog post talked about the lessons learned from the East Africa drought and crises. There are many saying the warning signs were ignored – and too much emphasis is put on the crises and not as much on prevention of a crises. I ended my blog with a question – what else is pending? The answer may...

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Could the Horn of Africa crises have been prevented?

February 27, 2012No commentsGeneral

Last month Oxfam came out with a report on the famine in the Horn of Africa. It was entitled “Dangerous Delay” and can be viewed here. It was considered a contraversial report by the media. It reported that organizations did not heed the early warning signs of this drought, that too little was spent on mitigating the risks of...

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