Can we avert the next emergency?

February 29, 2012No commentsGeneral

My last blog post talked about the lessons learned from the East Africa drought and crises. There are many saying the warning signs were ignored – and too much emphasis is put on the crises and not as much on prevention of a crises. I ended my blog with a question – what else is pending? The answer may...

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Could the Horn of Africa crises have been prevented?

February 27, 2012No commentsGeneral

Last month Oxfam came out with a report on the famine in the Horn of Africa. It was entitled “Dangerous Delay” and can be viewed here. It was considered a contraversial report by the media. It reported that organizations did not heed the early warning signs of this drought, that too little was spent on mitigating the risks of...

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Laws don’t make friends

February 23, 2012No commentsGeneral

Last week I posted a story from the Globe and Mail on research that shows that Canadians with a disability miss community more than anything else. This was echoed so closely in what we see in the developing world – even more so when you add poverty into that equation. I follow a number of blogs on the theme...

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Friends matter!

February 08, 2012No commentsGeneral

There was a very interesting article in the Globe and Mail. The article speaks of research in Canada regarding people with disabilities. The conclusion of the article, and I paraphrase, is that inclusion for people with disabilities is incomplete if it does not involve community and friends. The money quote from the article is: “Dr. Snowdon said she was...

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Canada launches World Disability Report

January 25, 2012No commentsGeneral

This Friday is an historic day in Canada! It is the launch in Canada for the World Health Report on Disability. This report has been launched in several countries already, and is the foundation for understanding and setting up programs that promote inclusivity for persons with disability. We at cbm Canada have been very active in setting up this...

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Community Attitudes

January 14, 2012No commentsGeneral

I follow several blogs written by people with a disability. I have shared them with you on occasion. I came across this song and video written and sung by Dana Mase which was posted on one of them. This is a powerful song about the institutionalization of people with disabilities. I am glad that era is over – at...

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Social media

January 09, 2012No commentsGeneral

I came across this blog this morning and thought I would share it with you. This blog does a couple of things for me.    First – this is another example of how social media allows us to share in each others lives. I have been intrigued for awhile now about how blogging can allow the world to hear more about the...

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What about Canada?

January 06, 2012No commentsGeneral

I got another call the other day from someone saying that with the economic crises in Canada, organizations should work more at home and less in countries in Africa or Asia. I have to say that I do have tremendous sympathy for so many in Canada that are hurting. I also am grateful that although not perfect, our country...

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The heroes of almost every story I see in Africa are the mothers or grandmothers

We had another great day visiting another CBR program about 100 km outside of Addis. After a briefing on the scope of their work our group divided up to visit some homes. I want to give just one story of one of the clients we visited. We visited one home where we had to walk through the mud to...

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Greetings from Ethiopia

We had a good day. We drove out about 130 km to one of the CBR programs in the network. It was a very impressive program. They began by giving us a report on the program, and went through the CBR matrix (community-based rehabilitation) and showed in each category (health, education, livelihood, social, empowerment) their targets and achievements. I...

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