What does it mean to value all people as Jesus does?

I’ve a friend who’s a professor of peace studies, a lawyer with a doctorate of law on human rights. We often get into discussions, even arguments on the way to interpret rights. First – I believe strongly in human rights. Our promise at cbm is to “value all as Jesus does”, which in my mind is stronger than human...

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The Miracle of School

My wife is a teacher, and today (in Canada) kids are going back to school. We sometimes take school for granted. Certainly most Canadian kids do. In my experience working internationally education is one of the key tools in breaking the cycle of poverty to whole communities. It is even more crucial in the cycle of poverty and disability....

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Fighting Injustice: Lessons from MLK

April 12, 2018No commentsGeneral

Last week was the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder. I am old enough to remember that day. I am fascinated by him but have marveled over the years at how his reputation has mellowed. Make no mistake, MLK was radical. He demanded society and individuals change. He may have done so in a non-violent way, but still,...

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I can’t imagine turning anyone away.

October 02, 2017No commentsblog, General

Last May I watched a 4-year-old child in Tanzania who was almost blind gain full sight! Shadhili came into our partner hospital CCBRT with cataracts, seeing only light and darkness, nothing more. After he and his mother travelled four long days to CCBRT, it took less than 24 hours for his pre-surgery check, surgery and night rest. In the...

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Partnerships: Simple math doesn’t add up

This is how a beautiful partnership was formed… While I was visiting a new Habitat for Humanity build site in Ethiopia, I was introduced to a group of families that were described as the poorest in the community. I pointed out that each of these “poorest” families had at least one member with a disability. It was one of...

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Be part of a village to raise a child

Disability in a child often causes a child to feel alone. Sometimes it’s because the child or the family feels ashamed. Sometimes it’s because children in the community tease the child. Sometimes it’s because the child can’t keep up with the others during playtime. Sometimes it’s because the child doesn’t have the resources necessary to attend school. Whatever the...

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