Be part of a village to raise a child

June 06, 2017blog, General

Disability in a child often causes a child to feel alone.

Sometimes it’s because the child or the family feels ashamed. Sometimes it’s because children in the community tease the child. Sometimes it’s because the child can’t keep up with the others during playtime. Sometimes it’s because the child doesn’t have the resources necessary to attend school. Whatever the cause, the child is lonely.

On one of my visits to a poor region of Nairobi in Kenya, I watched a grandmother lovingly exercise the arms of her one-year-old granddaughter with cerebral palsy.

They were alone in a one-room home with a single chair as furniture.

The grandmother softly hummed along with the radio, “Jesus loves me” as she worked. There were no other family members or friends to help them. No children for the little girl to interact with.

It really does take a village to help a child. With your donations, you are part of that village.

You can now come alongside these children.

One of our new programs is “grouphugs”. Groups of people in Canada can come together to collectively offer the medical care these children need, and they may even offer prayer. All this results in these isolated children with disabilities and their caregivers feel as if they’re part of a village that cares about them.

We say that cbm acts as the hands and feet of God. Let’s show these vulnerable children and families that we love them too!

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Ed Epp,
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