Hope and Healing

Jesus calls us to help people with disabilities even in the toughest situations

July 31, 2014General

I’ve been asked why cbm has chosen to be involved in bringing relief to the most vulnerable people of Gaza – young children, the elderly, those with disabilities.

It’s because we believe Jesus is calling us to serve those who can’t see, walk, hear, and those at greatest risk of sickness and impairment, in the toughest places. People trapped in poverty and disability are the poorest people in the world, and they’re also the most overlooked in the midst of crisis.

We work in many places in the world – countries and regions where governments, quasi-governments or regimes can be corrupt or even evil. In these cases, vulnerable people are not served by their leadership. In fact, the innocent and powerless end up suffering most. People with disabilities living under these regimes are doubly victimized – by society and by disabling attitudes around them. A deaf child, or family with a girl with CP, has no control over a local government.

cbm Canada does not and will not support such regimes. The easiest way to ensure this, indeed the easiest choice, is to avoid these situations altogether. However, I don’t believe following Jesus is often about making the easiest choices. I believe we can demonstrate the love of Jesus to the most vulnerable in these tough situations by choosing trusted and credible frontline partners who have clear and careful implementation strategies.

I believe God is calling us to make this choice – not the easiest choice but the one that brings a witness at a crucial time.