Hope and Healing

Music from Zimbabwe

February 16, 2011General

Last year when I traveled to Zimbabwe I was privileged to attend a private concert by a music group called Liyana. This is a group made up of students and teachers from a school in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) called King George VI School (KG6). The lead singer in this group was named Prudence, and had a beautiful and haunting voice.  The music was excellent, African beat, and full of passion and energy. This group is in great demand around Bulawayo and beyond.

What ‘s interesting in this story is that KG6 is a school for children with disabilities. Every one of the much group had a physical impairment. Prudence is in a wheelchair.  Prudence’s life story is also compelling and the subject of last year’s Oscar winning documentary. You can read about her story here. You can even order the Oscar winning DVD on her life which includes the music of Liyana. It’s a wonderful story.

When I was able to sit with friends and hear this group – Liyana – perform and hear the voice of Prudence it was the beauty of the music that overwhelmed me. The story of Prudence, the impairments of the band were secondary to their beautiful music.