Hope and Healing

Rodeson in Haiti – future football star?

January 13, 2011General

Last year in Haiti I met Rodeson. I won’t retell his whole story because you can access it here. We met Rodeson shortly after his discharge from the hospital, when his mother took him to our child center.  We then followed Rodeson and his mother back to their “home” – a broken down pickup.

His mother was concerned because he was so depressed. One of the things that Rodeson wanted more than anything was to become a football (soccer) star in Haiti. With his foot amputated he thought he would never have this chance.

You can see from the update on Rodeson that much has changed in his life. They are no longer living in the truck, he is smiling again, and he has some hope. This week I came across something else that might bring Rodeson some more hope on his dreams of being a football star. In the Globe and Mail there was a video on the Haitian National Football Team  – for people with an amputation! You can see that video here.

I am going to send this video to our office in Haiti and ask that someone show it to Rodeson.