Hope and Healing

What about Sebastian?

April 17, 2010General


It rained last night and I thought of Sebastian. He was a boy of 8 who lost his leg in the earthquake in Haiti. He lost a lot more – his whole family. I last saw Sebastian as he was discharged from the hospital in Port au Prince, swinging away expertly on his new crutches. He was accompanied by his new care giver, a woman who had been a neighbor of his family. She had lost her whole family and had “adopted” Sebastian. Together they left the hospital grounds with a new tent -their only real possessions. They were going to look for a place for their new “home”.

The rain last night reminded me of Sebastian and his new tent.

Over my travels I get to meet such courageous people – people who have survived so many odds. Many of these people, like Sebastian, could keep a dedicated trauma councilor busy for years.  Yet they proudly approach their challenges – almost jauntily swinging away on their new crutches.

Too often, like Sebastian, I don’t see them again.  He is swallowed up by the millions of tarps and tents strewn around Port au Prince and we don’t even know where to begin looking for him.

We will have programs for children like him – but will he be there?

Will Sebastian go to school?

Is his tent dry?

When I woke up to the rain last night, I said a prayer for Sebastian.